General Meeting

General Meeting

The general meeting is Ascelia Pharma’s highest decision-making body. At the general meeting, the shareholders exercise their voting rights in key issues. To attend and vote at the general meeting, either in person or through a proxy, shareholders must be registered in the share register kept by Euroclear Sweden AB five business days prior to the meeting and also register their participation to Ascelia Pharma no later than on the date specified in the notice convening the meeting.


Annual General Meeting 2020

The AGM of Ascelia Pharma AB (publ) will be held on 6 May, 2020 at 11am CET in Malmö, Sweden. The AGM will be held at Setterwalls Advokatbyrå AB in Malmö with address Stortorget 23, 211 34 Malmö, Sweden. Shareholders wishing to have a matter discussed at the AGM should send their suggestion by e-mail to: or by mail to:
Hyllie Boulevard 34
SE-215 32 Malmö

Suggestions to the AGM must reach the Board of Directors at least seven weeks prior to the meeting (18 March 2020) or in good time for the matter, if necessary, can be included in the notice to the AGM.


Documents related to Annual General Meetings around found in the table below.


Our lead candidate Mangoral is a liver imaging drug (i.e. a liver specific contrast agent) being developed for detection and localization of potential liver metastases, using Magnetic Resonance Imaging (“MRI”) in patients where use of the current gold standard gadolinium-based contrast agents (“GBCAs”) may be medically inadvisable or cannot be administered. Mangoral is currently in Phase III clinical development.


Oncoral is a novel tablet-based formulation of the well-known chemotherapeutic agent irinotecan, intended for the treatment of advanced gastric (stomach) cancer. Irinotecan is today mainly used for treating metastasized colorectal cancer. Although irinotecan is currently not approved for treating gastric cancer in the United States and in the EU, there is off-label use for this indication. Oncoral has completed Phase I studies with encouraging results and is ready for Phase II studies.


Ascelia has established a development program for lead candidate Mangoral, consisting of a pivotal Phase III efficacy study and two supportive studies. Mangoral started Phase III studies in beginning 2020. The clinical development strategy for Oncoral, Ascelia Pharma´s second drug candidate, is to obtain Phase II data and then to partner for the further development.