We are passionate about identifying, developing and bringing to market novel drugs that address unmet medical needs in orphan oncology and have a clear development and market pathway.

At Ascelia Pharma, we believe that partnerships are unique opportunities to combine our strengths and capabilities with those of others to the benefit of patients and healthcare systems worldwide.

Opportunities for innovators and industry partners

We pursue partnerships within orphan oncology drug innovation, development and commercialization.

From universities and biotech companies, to scientists and entrepreneurs, we believe joint efforts are key to making new and better options available for cancer patients – either to supplement our pipeline or to accelerate research, development or commercialization of our current pipeline.

While we continue to prepare the commercialization of Orviglance (former working name Mangoral), a liver MRI contrast agent, with focus on the US market, we believe that strong synergies in commercializing with a partner in other key markets, such as Europe, Japan and the rest of the world may be advantageous.

For Oncoral, an oral irinotecan chemotherapy, we are exploring partnerships for clinical development and commercialization.

We would be pleased to discuss these and other partnerships or collaboration opportunities.

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