Open positions

Notice to Candidates: Recruitment Fraud Alert
Ascelia Pharma has been made aware of unauthorized career opportunities offered by individuals unaffiliated with our company. The fictitious jobs may be advertised on employment-search websites, and prospective employees may be asked to share their personal and financial information, provide copies of their government-issued identification, and/or send money for application fees, processing charges or work permits.

Important information for job seekers:

  • Ascelia Pharma has a formal application process that will always include at least one in-person interview with an Ascelia Pharma representative. We do not request interviews via text messaging or online or social media platforms (such as Google Hangout or WhatsApp).
  • We will never request money for the opportunity to apply or work for our company, nor do we require the completion of tax forms, bank account or credit card information as part of the recruiting process.
  • Official email communications from an Ascelia employee will only come from a domain.

If you are unsure if a message is from Ascelia Pharma, please contact us directly at 00 46 735 179 118