Our Phase 3 lead candidate Orviglance®* (former working name Mangoral) is a liver imaging drug (i.e. a liver specific contrast agent) being developed for detection and localization of potential liver metastases, using Magnetic Resonance Imaging (“MRI”) in patients where use of the current gold standard gadolinium-based contrast agents (“GBCAs”) may be medically inadvisable or cannot be administered. Orviglance is in Phase 3 clinical development.

Our second drug candidate Oncoral is a novel tablet-based formulation of the well-known chemotherapeutic agent irinotecan, intended for the treatment of advanced gastric (stomach) cancer. Irinotecan is today mainly used for treating metastasized colorectal cancer. Although irinotecan is currently not approved for treating gastric cancer in the United States and in the EU, there is off-label use for this indication. Oncoral has completed Phase I of clinical studies with promising results and is now being prepared for Phase II clinical studies.

*Trademark is registered in Europe and several other markets and submitted for registration in the US.