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Ascelia’s employees are passionate and driven to develop products that will help people with rare cancer conditions live longer and healthier lives.

Jeanette Nilsson, Clinical operations manager

Jeanette Nilsson

Clinical operations manager

“- As the Clinical Operations Manager, I am working closely with the Director of Clinical Operations and the Chief Medical Officer to ensure that we deliver the clinical studies …

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Martin Husebø

Business Development Director

“- I am an externally focused team player that enjoy working with internal projects as well as with external partners.
I am a team player that is motivated by working with internal projects as well as with external partners, and enjoy the opportunity to discuss, scope and execute business development opportunities…”

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Andreas Norlin

Chief Scientific Officer

“- I am Vice President of Research & Development, having the overall responsibility for driving our drug development projects forward in accordance with the agreed goals and plans”

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Maria Luisa Verteramo

Scientist Non-clinical

“- I am a curious and enthusiastic person who absolutely enjoy science and ask a lot of questions. I love reading scientific articles with a good cup of coffee and some chocolate.”

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