Ascelia Pharma publishes Annual Report for 2020


Ascelia Pharma’s Annual Report has now been published and is available on the company’s website.

"In 2020, despite the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, we continued to advance the clinical development program and commercial preparations of our novel Phase 3 contrast agent Mangoral. We also accelerated the Phase 2 preparations for our oral chemotherapy tablet Oncoral.

Our focus in 2021 is on the ongoing Phase 3 study SPARKLE, the preparations to make Mangoral available to patients in need, and to initiate the clinical Phase 2 for Oncoral. We work constantly to create stakeholder value, and the development in 2020 un­derlines the progress we have made”, said Magnus Corfitzen, CEO at Ascelia Pharma.


Ascelia Pharma Signs Clinical Collaboration Agreement With Taiho Oncology, Inc. for the Development of Oncoral in Combination with LONSURF®

Ascelia Pharma AB (publ) (ticker: ACE) today announced that it has signed a clinical collaboration agreement with Taiho Oncology Inc., a subsidiary of Taiho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. The collaboration concerns an upcoming global Phase 2 clinical study in gastric cancer. In this all-oral combination study, Ascelia Pharma’s irinotecan chemotherapy tablet Oncoral (ASC-201) will be evaluated in combination with Taiho Oncology’s LONSURF® (trifluri ...

Quarterly Report Q2 2021: Preparing Oncoral for the next level

Ascelia Pharma AB (publ) (ticker: ACE) today published its quarterly financial report for Q2 2021 (April – June 2021), which is now available on the company’s website:

Covid-19 extends recruitment period of SPARKLE study

Ascelia Pharma AB (publ) (ticker: ACE) today announced that the continued global impact of the Covid-19 pandemic could extend the recruitment period of the clinical phase 3 study SPARKLE with up to 6 months. The recruitment is now expected to be completed during H1 2022. Ascelia Pharma has a solid cash position supporting operations well into 2023.