René Spogárd

Member of the board of directors since 2017.

Professional background: René Spogárd (born 1954) is chairman and investor in a number of companies including JEKA Fish A/S, Bollerup Jensen A/S and Flex Funding A/S. René Spogárd has extensive experience from investing in the healthcare sector and board positions in a public environment. René Spogárd has previously inter alia been owner and Managing Director at TNS Gallup A/S and Director at TNS plc (listed on London Stock Exchange).

Education: H.D. in Marketing from Copenhagen Business School, Denmark.

Other ongoing assignments: Chairman of Ambrox Property Invest III A/S, Bollerup Jensen A/S, Bollerup Jensen Adhesives ApS, Bollerup Jensen Water Holding ApS, CMC SPV of 3 April 2017 AB, Cimbric A/S, Deltaq Portefølje Holding 104 ApS, Deltaq Portefølje Holding II ApS, Deltaq Portefølje Holding IV ApS, Deltaq Portefølje Holding VI ApS, Flex Funding A/S, Jeka Fish A/S, Jeka Fish Holding ApS, Jeka Fish Holding 2 ApS, Jysk Industri Holding A/S and Preservation Technologies I/S. Deputy chairman of Nordisk Krabbe Kompagni A/S. Board member of Ambrox Capital A/S, Ambrox Korsør A/S, Bollerup Jensen Adhesives Holding ApS, Bollerup Jensen Water ApS, Bollerup Jensen Wood ApS and Flex Funding Fintech ApS. Member of management (executive) and partner of Dadephi ApS, René Spogárds amilieanpartsselskab, Spogárd Holding ApS, Spogárd Invest ApS and Spogárd Invest 3 ApS.

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Independence: Independent in relation to the Company and its management and in relation to major shareholders.