Ascelia Pharma AB is
an oncology-dedicated
drug development company

About us

Our mission is to improve the quality of life and life expectancy of people living with cancer and cancer-related diseases.

Ascelia Pharma focuses on differentiated, underappreciated and de-risked product candidates addressing unmet medical needs.


Product pipeline

Two drug candidates in clinical stage

  • Mangoral (phase 3 ready) for detection of liver metastases
  • Oncoral (in phase 1) for treatment of advanced gastric cancer



2017: Acquistion of Oncoral Pharma ApS

2015: Initiation of investigator initiated phase 1 study on Oncoral

2015: US Orphan Drug Designation for Mangoral revised to "use as a targeted contrast agent for diagnostic MRI for the detection and localization of focal liver lesions in patients where the use of gadolinium based contrast agents cannot be administrered".

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